Refund policy

Hamako guarantees to replace defective merchandise due to manufacturing error and/or when found defective during initial opening of packaging by buyer(s).  Conditions covered by Pala Nusantara’s return policy include & limited to:

  • Natural/unnatural crack of broken wood parts of merchandise, prior to usage by buyer(s)
  • Specifically for Pala Nusantara watches:  when merchandise received by buyer(s) with broken or defective parts, such as broken watch face/glass, broken watch body, loose watch straps, or unfunctional watch machine.
  • When merchandise is received incomplete by buyer(s), and not as specified in Pala Nusantara product description.


Hamako  is not responsible for any damage caused by buyer(s) and/or wearer(s).


Customer satisfaction inquiries can and should be directed to our Customer Service team over email at, or our Administrative Offices at office @Hamako , or by visiting our nearest stores or certified distribution points.